Chlorpyrifos - Proposed Health Protections (Use Restrictions)

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment are pursuing health protections (use restrictions/permit conditions) for chlorpyrifos.  Users of chlorpyrifos should review the proposed permit conditions and participate in the public comment period.

Summary Citrus Bloom Spray Requirements 2017.pdf

Summary of which pesticides are allowed during the Citrus Bloom Period, time restrictions, Notice of Intent, and permit requirements. 

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2,4-D Cut-off announcement 2017-3-13.pdf

The 2,4-D (phenoxy pesticides) Cut-off date has been announced for March 16, 2017.  Please see the announcement for details.

Seedless Mandarin and Honey Bee Co-existence Regulations

California Department of Pesticide Regulations 1430.54 - 1430.57.  Seedless Mandarin and Honey Bee Co-existence Regulation, effective February 24, 2010.

NOI: Research Authorization Notice of Intent
Notices of Intent via E-mail
Propane Gun & Other Noise-Making Devices - Guidelines for use

The following facts and guidelines will assist in making the determination as to whether the use of exploding-cannon noise making devices is likely to be effective and whether they are being used in conformance with accepted practices.

September 7, 2012
Requirements for Squirrel Bait sold by Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner