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Forms, Information, and Useful Links

Pesticide Laws, California Department of Food and Agriculture
Pesticide Pilots Responsibilities

A PDF format information packet for Pest Control Pilots summarizing the requirements and responsibilities, including laws, regulations, and definitions.

Pesticide Regulations - California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Pesticide Safety Information Series Leaflets

Link to the Department of Pesticide Regulation complete list of Pesticide Safety Information Series leaflets, Many are available in English, Spanish, and Punjabi.

Pesticide Workers Safety General Information Packet

An information packet for employers with employees that handle pesticides.  Includes information on Respiratory Training requirements and forms for the Employer's Written Training Program, Medical Supervision Written Agreement, and the Employee Pesticide Safety Training Record (English and Spanish).  The A-8, Safety Rules for Pesticide Handlers on Farms (English) and the A-8, Reglas de Seguridad para el Manejo de Pesticidas (Spanish) should also be downloaded by anyone who has pesticides workers.  Please note that the A-8 has not been updated as of January 1, 207 to reflect changes in Worker Protection Standards regulations.

Requisitos Para Materiales Restringidos en California (California Restricted Materials Requirements (Spanish))

Información desde el Departamento de California de regulación de pesticidas que plaguicidas son considerados "Restringida", los que requieren un permiso y qué productos están exentos. También información sobre certificación en relación con los permisos.

Respiratory Protection Program

A Written Respiratory Program is required in any workplace where respirators are required by label, restricted material permit condition, or regulation.  These documents provide employers with information to assist in developing their own Written Respiratory Program.  Note that the Sample documents are GUIDELINES only.  Each employer must customize the written program to reflect their actual program, specific to their company.  Please contact the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner if you have questions.

Tulare County Apiary Registration Packet and Registration Information

Beekeepers must register on the BeeWhere website AND with Tulare County prior to bringing bees into the county.  Please submit your $10.00 registration fee, or a copy of the receipt if you are already paid in another county, to the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner with your county registration form.

For additional information: 

or call our office At 559-684-3352

Tulare County Ordinances for Apiaries

A PDF copy of the Tulare County Ordinances pertaining to Apiaries located in Tulare County.  All Tulare County Ordinances may be found at Tulare County Code