Forms, Information, and Useful Links

Apiary Laws and Regulations

A list with links to Tulare County Ordinances, Ca DPR Regulations and CDFA Laws pertaining to bees, apiaries, and honey.

Apiary Locations Request Form for Seedless Mandarin Growers

Seedless Mandarin Growers may use this form to request location information for any apiaries located within two (2) miles of your registered seedless mandarins.  Location information will only be provided on apiaries whose owner/operator has waived their right to confidentiality.  There may be other apiaries within 2 miles, however, if the beekeeper has not waived his/her right to confidentiality then we cannot provide you with their information.

Apiary Registration Form

Tulare County Apiary Registration Form, including a summary of County Ordinances.

Bee and Beehive / Apiary Information from CDFA

Link to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) where beekeepers can find information sources and contacts regarding bringing bees into California, Imported Fire Ants, good management practices, etc.

Bee Clearance Information

Online form to be used to submit requests for a Bee Clearance prior to applying pesticides toxic to bees on any site which has blooming plants (including weeds!).  Please complete all information. Include direction and distance from each Avenue and Road (as on your permit), then submit the completed form to the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner Pesticide Division.  We will check for registered apiaries Pinned within one mile of your planned application site and send the form back to you.  It is the applicator's / grower's responsibility to contact the beekeepers 48 hours prior to the proposed application time.  Please contact the Pesticide Division if you have any questions 559-684-3352

Bee Regulations - Summary of Tulare County Ordinances

Summary of Tulare County Bee Regulations and Department of Food and Ag Apiary Laws. 

Citrus Bloom Districts Map

Printable PDF map of the Citrus Bloom Districts. Tulare County is divided into 2 districts for the purposes of Citrus Bloom and Petal Fall.  District 1 is primarily the foothills area and south of Avenue 56.  District 2 is everything else.  The average declaration date for Citrus Bloom in District 1 is April 5.  District 2 is typically declared approximately 7 days after District 1.  The Citrus Bloom Period historically ranges from 10 -32 days long.  Declaration of Bloom/Petal Fall is highly weather dependent so the actual dates of declaration and the time between districts can vary.

Colony Strength Inspection Request Form.pdf

Printable/fillable PDF form to request a Colony Strength Inspection for Apiaries located in Tulare County.  Form may be used by Beekeepers or Growers.  The other party (Grower or Beekeeper) will be contacted by the Agricultural Inspector.  Please complete the form and FAX it to the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner, Pesticide Division, at 559-713-3770 or email to  You will be billed for the inspection after it is completed.  Please note that Colony Strength Inspections are performed as time, weather, and inspector availability allow.

Mandarin Growers Registration Form

Registration form for Seedless Mandarin Growers who want to register their Seedless Mandarins in accordance with the Seedless Mandarin and Honey Bee Co-existence Regulations.  Please read the introductory letter prior to completing a registration form.  Complete an Apiary Locations Request Form for Seedless Mandarin Growers if you would like us to send you information on apiaries within 2 miles of your registered Seedless Mandarins. 

Tulare County Ordinances for Apiaries

A PDF copy of the Tulare County Ordinances pertaining to Apiaries located in Tulare County.  All Tulare County Ordinances may be found at Tulare County Code