CDFA Public Affairs Press Release #14-007
Propane Guns & other Noise-making Devices 9-2-16.docx

The following fact and guidelines will assist in making the determination as to whether the use of exploding-cannon noise making devices is likely to be effective and whether they are being used in conformance with accepted practices.

What You Need to Know to Sell Seed Flyer.pdf
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USDA e-News February 2014.pdf
Lift hold notice.pdf

Update on the 48 hour waiting period to ship citrus

Olive Pest Control District - Engineer's Report
Table Grape Pest Control District - Engineer's Report

The "Engineers' Report, Fiscal Year 2005/2006, Special Benefit Assessment District " for the Tulare County Table Grape Pest and Disease Control District is available on-line.

Small Hive Beetle

Information about Small Hive Beetle, a pest of increasing significance to local beekeepers.