Citrus Bloom Update 2024

 Citrus Bloom information and updates.

Tulare County is divided into 3 districts for the purpose of Citrus Bloom and Petal Fall.  District 1 is primarily the Eastern foothill area, following east of the Friant-Kern Canal until intersecting with Orange Belt Avenue and then south of Avenue 56.  District 2 is west of District 1 boundary, and follows along larger Avenues and Roads from Northern Tulare County to Southern until intersecting with Avenue 56. District 3 is everything West of District 2 boundary line and above Avenue 56.   
For a more detailed description of the new District Boundary lines, please refer to the Citrus Bloom map on the top right corner Key.    The average declaration date for Citrus Bloom in District 1 is typically the end of March to the very beginning of April. With the new District 2 and addition of a District 3, this years bloom will be watched closely to determine calling of bloom for each district as it pertains to the cited regulations. The declared Citrus Bloom Period historically has ranged from 10 - 32 days with an average of 22 days. Declaration of Bloom/Petal Fall is highly weather dependent, so the dates of declaration and the time between districts can vary widely from year to year.  Please click the links below for additional information


Citrus Bloom Redistrict Map Notification 2024


District 1 Bloom - 1:00am, Friday morning, March 29th, 2024.
District 2 Bloom - 1:00am, Friday morning, April 5th, 2024.
District 3 Bloom - 1:00am, Sunday morning, April 7th, 2024
    District 1 Petal Fall - 1:00am, Sunday morning, April 21st, 2024 
 District 2 Petal Fall - 1:00am, Saturday morning, April 27th, 2024 
District 3 Petal Fall - 1:00am, Tuesday morning, April 30th, 2024


Citrus Bloom Districts Map W/Citrus Layer 2024 

Citrus Bloom District Map (Color Blocks) 2024



Citrus Bloom Spray Restrictions - Summary of relevant definitions, which products are allowed, which products require a Notice of Intent, etc.


Tulare County Bee Clearances 
We will be utilizing the state wide BeeWhere Program.
Please go to to further access the bee check information. 

If you have any questions, please call 559-684-3352. 


Petal Fall/Bloom Waivers

Tulare County inspectors will inspect the field at the earliest opportunity,  time and staffing permitting, to determine if the site meets the Spray Waiver Criteria.  The Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner, Pesticide Use Enforcement Division strongly recommends that waivers be submitted only for locations with an economically urgent need to spray that cannot be delayed until Petal Fall has been declared.

Pest Control Advisors, please refer to the Letter to Pest Control Advisors for information regarding the requirements for Pest Control Recommendations for Petal Fall Spray Waivers. 

Requests for exceptions / waivers regarding Petal Fall must be submitted as follows: 

  • The Notice of Intent, Recommendation, and Bee Clearance must all be submitted before the Pesticide Division will evaluate the request.
  • Please write:  "Waiver requested" on the Recommendation and Notice of Intent
  • The field must be physically evaluated by the PCA and the bloom status/condition as a percent of bloom/petal fall must be stated on the recommendation.
  • The recommendation must state either that the field does not meet the citrus bloom period criteria (i.e.: Field meets 75% petal fall on the north side of the trees) OR why alternatives not hazardous to bees would not be effective.
  • 48 hour notification to beekeepers is required.  The bee clearance will not be processed by the Pesticide Division until after the Pesticide Division has evaluated the field.  Therefore, please submit waiver requests at least 48 hours prior to the intended date of application.


Please note that bee clearances are NOT required for applications that are scheduled for 48 hours after Petal Fall has been declared if the products toxic to bees are being applied during the period of bee inactivity.