Weights and Measures

Jonathan Bixler
Deputy Ag Commissioner/Sealer
Weights and Measures
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Weights and Measures

Our Weights and Measures division consists of five different areas: Service Agency, Devices, Quantity Control, Weighmaster and Petroleum.

  • Service Agency - any one for payment of any kind, repairs, installs and/or services a commercial weighing or measuring device.  A Service Agency can place a commercial device in service when said device is within tolerances as specified in code.   Service Agencies are required to be licensed and registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  The county inspectors regularly inspect their work.
  • Devices - most commercial devices are required to be registered with the county and are tested on a time schedule as specified in law/regulation.  When a device is tested and found to within tolerance they are sealed by the testing inspector.  Some common devices we inspect are fuel pumps, scales at the grocery store and water dispensers.  Some not so common are livestock scales and railroad scales.
  • Quantity Control - inspectors check that packaged products meet the requirements as stated in law and regulation.  Products are inspected to verify that they meet labeling requirements and that the contents meet the amount (whether by count, volume, weight or length) as stated on the packaging.  Our inspectors also conduct price verifications and that the price you pay is equal to the lowest posted or advertised price.
  • Weighmaster - a weighmaster is defined as any person who, for hire or otherwise, weighs, measures, or counts any commodity and issues a statement or memorandum of the weight, measure or count which is used as the basis for either the purchase or sale of that commodity or charge for service.  Our office audits weighmaster to verify that the information they are listing on their certificates is complete.  A weighmaster is also required to be licensed and registered with the state.
  • Petroleum - establishments which sell petroleum products are required to meet certain standards.  Our inspectors collect gasoline samples to verify the octane as advertised.  Gasoline samples can be checked for contaminants such as water as well.  Advertising signs are inspected for accuracy, placement, sizing and clarity.  One of our more common violations has to do with proper labeling and signage.  To help anyone interested in maintaining compliance in this area check this quick and easy reference guide which can be found here.


Typical complaints in any of these areas are as follows: I was charged more than the advertised price; gasoline pump charged me before I started pumping gas; the scale they used was not sealed, etc.  If you have a problem similar to any of those mentioned, or in any of the above areas with any of the businesses in Tulare County, either call (559) 684-3350 or fill out our complaint form which can be found here.

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