2023 Alternatives and Mitigations Fillable Form ENGLISH

This form is required for a Restricted Materials Permit only.  Please describe what alternative methods you consider instead of using a restricted material.  Describe what steps you take to reduce the risk (mitigations) when you do use a restricted material.

2023 Formulario de solicitud para el permiso del ano 2023 en espanol
2023 Permit Renewal Letter English and Spanish, 2023 Carta de RenovaciĆ³n del Permiso para el 2023

Tulare County will begin renewal of Pesticide Permits/Private Applicator Certificates on November 15, 2022.

El Condado de Tulare comenzara la renovación de permisos de pesticidas y/o certificados de aplicador privado el 15 de noviembre del 2022.

Apiary Laws and Regulations

A list with links to Tulare County Ordinances, Ca DPR Regulations and CDFA Laws pertaining to bees, apiaries, and honey.

Apiary Locations Request Form for Seedless Mandarin Growers

Seedless Mandarin Growers may use this form to request location information for any apiaries located within two (2) miles of your registered seedless mandarins.  Location information will only be provided on apiaries whose owner/operator has waived their right to confidentiality.  There may be other apiaries within 2 miles, however, if the beekeeper has not waived his/her right to confidentiality then we cannot provide you with their information.

Bee and Beehive / Apiary Information from CDFA

Link to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) where beekeepers can find information sources and contacts regarding bringing bees into California, Imported Fire Ants, good management practices, etc.

Bee Regulations - Summary of Tulare County Ordinances

Summary of Tulare County Bee Regulations and Department of Food and Ag Apiary Laws. 

California Restricted Materials Requirements (English)

Information from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation regarding which pesticides are considered "Restricted", which ones require a permit, and what products are exempt.  Also information regarding  certification relative to permits.

Closed Systems

A Closed System is required whenever the pesticide label specifies a closes system or when employees handle a pesticide with certain warnings in the Precautionary Statements regarding dermal (skin) contact.  Note that there are new regulations effective January 1, 2017.

Colony Strength Inspection Form

Printable/fillable PDF form to request a Colony Strength Inspection for Apiaries located in Tulare County.  Form may be used by Beekeepers or Growers.  The other party (Grower or Beekeeper) will be contacted by the Agricultural Inspector.  Please complete the form and FAX it to the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner, Pesticide Division, at 559-713-3770 or email to PUENOI@tularecounty.ca.gov.  You will be billed for the inspection after it is completed.  Please note that Colony Strength Inspections are performed as time, weather, and inspector availability allow.

Data Request

This is a fillable/printable form for requesting data that is public information regarding pesticide permits, grower lists, crop lists, acreages, etc. The completed form may be submitted by mail (4437 S. Laspina Street, Tulare, CA  93274), FAX (559-713-3370), or email (PUENOI@co.tulare.ca.us).   There may be a charge depending upon the data format you request.  Phone numbers are not considered public information and will not be provided.

Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Licensing and Certification Program Examination Information

DPR’s Licensing and Certification Program is now offering computer-based exams at testing centers state-wide for all individual licenses and certificates: Agricultural Pest Control Adviser License (PCA), Pest Control Pilot Certificates (APC/JPC), Qualified Applicator License (QAL), Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC), and Dealer Designated Agent License (DDA). Applications for all exams will continue to be mailed to and processed by DPR's Licensing and Certification Program.

Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization for Restricted Materials Pesticide Permits

When completing the form:  The "Operator of the Property" is the Operator as shown on the permit. The person giving the authorization is the name of the person who owns/leases the property or the senior official (President, CEO) if the owner is a corporation.  The "Authorized Representative" is the person being given authorization to take out a Restricted Materials Pesticide Permit on behalf of the property owner/lessee/corporation.


A list of contacts and resources for licensing information for Agricultural Pesticide Applicators, Structural Pesticide Applicators, and Farm Labor Contractors,

Mandarin Growers Registration Form

Registration form for Seedless Mandarin Growers who want to register their Seedless Mandarins in accordance with the Seedless Mandarin and Honey Bee Co-existence Regulations.  Please read the introductory letter prior to completing a registration form.  Complete an Apiary Locations Request Form for Seedless Mandarin Growers if you would like us to send you information on apiaries within 2 miles of your registered Seedless Mandarins. 

Non-AG Pesticide Use Report EXAMPLE

Organophosphates and Carbamates

Definition and partial list of Carbamate and Organophosphate Pesticides.  Mandatory blood tests are required for persons handling Category I and II (Danger / Warning) organophosphates or carbamates for more than six (6) days within any thirty (30) day period.  Additional information regarding the laws and regulations and required blood work when using organophosphates and carbamates may be found in the  Pesticide Worker Safety Packet (PDF)

PCA Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization form to add a Pest Control Advisor (PCA) as an authorized contact on a Restricted Materials Permit.  This authorization allows the PCA to make changes to a currently valid permit.  It DOES NOT authorize the PCA to take out or renew the permit.  The form must be completed and signed by the operator of the property and must also be signed by the licensed/registered PCA.  The authorization is valid until revoked in writing to the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner.

Permit/Operator ID Application Fillable Form ENGLISH

This form is required if you want an Operator Identification Number (OP ID), or a Restricted Materials Permit. You may expedite the process by filling out the form ahead of time and bringing it with you.  Please contact us if you have any questions on how to complete the form.  You will also need to complete the Alternatives and Mitigations Form if you are applying for a Restricted Materials Permit.  Please use the permit name as it is shown on your permit.  Note that this may be a business name, not the permit agent or owner’s name.   The “Agent” is the person who will be signing the permit.

Pest Control Advisor Responsibilities

A PDF format information packet summarizing the requirements and responsibilities, including laws, regulations, and definitions, for Pest Control Advisors and Pest Control Recommendations.  Please contact the Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner 559-684-3352, or visit the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for the most up-to-date information.