Organic and Certified Producer Programs

Organic Program
The Organic Program requires producers, handlers and processors wishing to market their commodities as organic to register with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) annually in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990.  Organic registration is completed in the primary county of operation as designated by the registrant.  The fee for this registration is paid to CDFA Organic Registration and the amount varies depending on the sales of organic produce.  Registration and forms can be found at CDFA's website at the following address: .

NEW!  As you may know rodents have been a problem this year, more so than normal.  The University of California has recognized this issue and has provided help for organic growers by publishing a document to help managing burrowing rodents.  You can find the document at the following address:  



Certified Producer Program
The Certified Producer Program provides oversight of all growers who sell their crop directly to consumers at Certified Farmer's Markets.  Certification is required to sell commodities at any certified farmer's market.  The county registers certified producers and certified farmer's markets for an annual fee payable at the Agricultural Commissioner's Office.  Please call our office at 559-684-3350 and ask for our Weights and Measures division for our current fees.  Registration includes an inspection of the growing site to assure that the sellers produce the commodities they market.  Forms and information can be found on CDFA's website at the following address:  .

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