Pest Detection & Crop Statistics

Samuel Conant
Deputy Ag Commissioner/Sealer
Pest Detection & Crop Statistics
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Pest Detection & Crop Statistics
  • Pest Detection
    The purpose of this program is to find invading exotic pests that are detrimental to agriculture before they become firmly established and spread throughout the region. The goal is primarily accomplished through the insect trapping program and field surveys. Most people have seen the small, white, tent-like Jackson traps that are placed in fruit trees.
  • Pest Eradication
    The goal is to totally eliminate an exotic pest infestation, hopefully before a large buildup can occur. Included in this effort are the alligator weed, camelthorn, scotch thistle and pink boll-worm eradication programs. Exclusion is the first line of defense against invading pests, and Pest Detection the second. Pest Eradication is the program that's begun once a pest has been detected.