Bee Regulations - Summary of Tulare County Ordinances

Summary of Tulare County Bee Regulations and Department of Food and Ag Apiary Laws. 

Citrus Bloom Districts Map

Printable PDF map of the Citrus Bloom Districts. Tulare County is divided into 2 districts for the purposes of Citrus Bloom and Petal Fall.  District 1 is primarily the foothills area and south of Avenue 56.  District 2 is everything else.  The average declaration date for Citrus Bloom in District 1 is April 5.  District 2 is typically declared approximately 7 days after District 1.  The Citrus Bloom Period historically ranges from 10 -32 days long.  Declaration of Bloom/Petal Fall is highly weather dependent so the actual dates of declaration and the time between districts can vary.