County Seal with Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner Sealer

Standards and Quarantine

  • Pest Detection
    The purpose of this program is to find invading exotic pests that are detrimental to agriculture before they become firmly established and spread throughout the region. The goal is primarily accomplished through the insect trapping program and field surveys. Most people have seen the small, white, tent-like Jackson traps that are placed in fruit trees.
  • Pest Eradication
    The goal is to totally eliminate an exotic pest infestation, hopefully before a large buildup can occur. Included in this effort are the alligator weed, camelthorn, scotch thistle and pink boll-worm eradication programs. Exclusion is the first line of defense against invading pests, and Pest Detection the second. Pest Eradication is the program that's begun once a pest has been detected.
  • Pest Exclusion/Quarantine
    This program is intended to prevent the introduction and/or spread of those plant pests and diseases which may be detrimental to agricultural crops. As mentioned earlier, it is the first line of defense against invading exotic pests. In addition, our Department provides an essential service by certifying shipper's compliance with other County, State, and Foreign Quarantine requirements (which allows products to be shipped throughout the world). Our inspectors are Federally certified to perform this type of phytosanitary inspection and certification. The division also inspects nursery stock for disease (including Tristeza virus), as well as for weed and insect pests.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Quality Control
    Tulare County produces some of the finest fruits, nuts and vegetables in the nation. This program involves the enforcement of State laws and regulations pertaining to packing, shipping and quality of fruits, nuts and vegetables. The Agricultural Commissioner also conducts voluntary certification inspections of fruits and vegetables which guarantees their quality, and documents that they are in compliance with State standards.
  • Biosolids Enforcement
    Tulare County has a local ordinance that regulates the land application of biosolids onto agricultural properties. The Commissioner is the local enforcing agency. Regulating biosolids application helps to ensure the preservation of a clean environment and healthy, productive ag land.