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CDFA Public Affairs Press Release #14-007
Propane Guns & other Noise-making Devices 9-2-16.docx

The following fact and guidelines will assist in making the determination as to whether the use of exploding-cannon noise making devices is likely to be effective and whether they are being used in conformance with accepted practices.

Crop Report Form
What You Need to Know to Sell Seed Flyer.pdf
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USDA e-News February 2014.pdf
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Update on the 48 hour waiting period to ship citrus

Olive Pest Control District - Engineer's Report
Table Grape Pest Control District - Engineer's Report

The "Engineers' Report, Fiscal Year 2005/2006, Special Benefit Assessment District " for the Tulare County Table Grape Pest and Disease Control District is available on-line.

Small Hive Beetle

Information about Small Hive Beetle, a pest of increasing significance to local beekeepers.